Hello Readers,

Time for another article here at ‘The MA Life’ which is only 88 days away… WHAT?


I swear, time is moving way to fast for my liking but oh well, I am excited. As usual, I am going to update you with what I am doing with my graduate summer.

Waiting for Graduation. That’s what. I’m waiting for my graduation on July 20th. OH! That’s something I can update you on. I received my final grade yesterday and after some calculations, I figured I will be graduating for 61% meaning a 2:1 classification in BA (Hons) Drama in the Community, meaning, I can do my Master’s! Woohoo!

Moving on…

Today’s article is called ‘#BikeLife’ and if you had not already guessed, it’s about biking. Yes, that is right biking. Sounds like exercise, right? I bet you’re wondering why me, JustGeorgeJ, is writing about exercise. Well, I love biking readers! Always have, I just have not done it in a while.

About a year ago I started working at Halfords and ended up buying the most beautiful bike. A Voodoo Marasa. Nicknamed ‘Vanessa’ or ‘The Beast’. She is a she, yes. She is also a hybrid – mix between a road bike and a mountain bike. She is an excellent little bike and I’ve neglected to ride it in the past year, until now!


This is Vanessa getting a clean after being locked away in a shed for a LONG time.

Anyway, I’m on sort of a ‘health kick’ now. I want to lose a bit of weight as I am not happy with my body and what better what to do that than to return to the exercise I love the most? Biking! Therefore, yesterday I went out on a little bike ride and get the feel for riding again and it was fantastic. I love biking as it is so freeing… until you feel the burn in your legs.

Then there was today, I went out on a bike ride and started using the ‘Strava’ app (It’s a fantastic app if you have never used it, tracks a lot of your progress and routes!) and discovered I did a 9.3-mile ride around beautiful Lincoln. It was even nicer given the fact it was sunny and warm! Also, the app told me I reached 31mph… that is crazy. I do remember the point I reached that speed because my legs were killing after! And no, I was not going down a hill before you try and get smart with me!


It doesn’t look like much from the picture above, but I kept backtracking down roads I had already been down and so on. It was just so good to get out. I also popped back to Halfords to get some cycling clothes and rucksack – all the essentials!

Therefore, at the minute, this is what I am doing with my summer. Working and trying to cycle at least every day!

And remember, #BikeLife


Road to MA Drama

Hello Readers,

I apologise for the delay in posting this article. I had been back home yesterday and did not get back to Lincoln until later in the day – therefore, I did not find the time to write anything, however, I’m back now and here is the article!

Obviously, I am attempting to start using ‘The MA Life’ more now as it’s getting closer and closer until I start. It is less than 100 days until I start and I’m fighting excitement and fear – it has come around way too quick.

Right now, there still is not an awful lot to update you on. I have started my new job recently and currently waiting for my first pay cheque (which is in the far off future, haha!) but when I get that, I’ll be buying new stationary and resources for the beginning of my course. I’m really excited about that, is that sad?

I might create a vlog around that… we shall see. I more than likely will! However, that is a month or two down the line. The first port of call is a Macbook, as I need a new laptop, especially for the start of my course which surrounds playwriting.

On another note, the reality of starting this course really has settled in now and that is down to the fact that I have been able to apply for my finance for the beginning of my course. However, it was not as stressful as applying for an undergraduate finance and that makes me very happy!

Also, the university I’ll be attending (University of Lincoln) offers a £3,000 one-time payment bursary for help with your studies, therefore, I have definitely applied for that. It will help me out BIG time, especially with rent and other items that I will need.

And that is that! Short and sweet!

If you have not already, check out the latest article over on JustGeorgeJ and my two latest vlogs;

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Summer 2017

Hello Readers,

This entry is the third article that I have posted to this blog. Slowly but surely, you will start to see more on this blog as it becomes more active as the summer goes on and I get closer to my MA starting in September. For now, let us look at my summer as my graduation draws closer!

Since I last wrote in this blog, a lot has happened. I have finished my undergraduate degree in my BA (Hons) Drama in the Community, I have taken on an exciting job working from home for a company in London – Campus Society. I have begun to arrange plans for summer to do some exciting things, earn some money and prepare for my undergraduate degree!

In this entry, I thought I would briefly approach the subject as to why I chose to study an MA Drama specialising in Playwriting.

As some of you know in December 2016 I was coming to end of a module called ‘Studio Practice’ in my undergraduate degree. This module allowed me to chose a play and stage it utilising a cast of first years (and a mixture of other years). For myself, I chose to write my own performance and have that staged and I was extremely ambitious by delivering this performance in two separate halves as opposed to doing the norm of performing one 20-minute piece two times.

At this point and time, I had already written a few performances but, they were just passing time. I had not really thought they were going anywhere. Therefore, when I staged my own performance, it was fairly surreal. It also made me have an immense sense of ownership, pride, and happiness from seeing something that I wrote performed on stage. Also, writing has always been a passion of mine and it is a fairly strong skill of mine, therefore, moving onto a playwriting degree seemed a logical decision.

This course will allow me to improve my writing skills and understand playwriting on a deeper level. This will increase my overall knowledge of the area and allow me to continue to grow in this area and finally, start writing my own plays as a part-time money maker – maybe. Or just something to promote certain messages to the local communities!

All in all, this is why I chose this course. This and the fact the course was really appealing and a good fit for me personally, and also, close to my home in Lincoln!

Until next time!


Graduation! Graduation! Graduation!


*ahem* Anyway, Hello! 

If you had not gathered today’s post is all about my upcoming graduation! Yes, that’s right it is nearly time for my to graduate from Bishop Grosseteste University – in fact – it’s 99 days until I do! How terrifying… yet exciting at the same time. You know what? It is a mixture of feelings – a roller coaster if you will.

Today, I arrived home for a little break over easter – well, I say break but I’ll be in fact working with my parents and juggling to do more work on my dissertation. Yes, because I actually have to do the last of my work if I intend to graduate at all.

The exciting part of today was the fact I ordered my tickets, gown and pictures (and whatever else they managed to make me pay money for) all ready for graduation! I truly believe I needed a second student loan in order to pay for the celebrations that will be taking place – as if £9,000 yearly was not enough, they now want me to pay the fact I actually made it through! How rude.

As of current I’ve still got to complete my dissertation, an assignment and a presentation – however, I’ve lost all motivation to do any work and this is proving problematic. I need to get myself into gear but this whole ‘self-study’ and be ‘independent’ thing is not really working for me! At least when I had lectures I was constantly reminded of the impending deadline, but now, I just have to remind myself and when you are not in university on a daily or even weekly basis, it proves hard to motivate yourself. Being honest with you, it feels as though I’ve already finished university. Of course, I’m very aware that I haven’t and I do need to crack on, which I will hopefully do tomorrow… he says….

However, once again, I repeat… GRADUATION! ARGH!

That is all.



If you follow me previous blog ‘www.justgeorgej.wordpress.com’ then you’ll know me already, you’ll know that I’m JustGeorgeJ, if you do not know me, then let me start again!


I’m JustGeorgeJ,

I’m currently a third-year BA (Hons) Drama in the Community student at Bishop Grosseteste University in Lincoln. Quickly coming to the end of this degree! My next step is to study an MA Drama (Playwriting) degree at the University of Lincoln, if I achieve at 2:1 classification at my current degree. (Fingers crossed!).

For those of you that know me, and for those that do not, I started my blog on WordPress in 2014 in order to document my journey through university. It expanded from there to a help/advice and hints & tips blog, which then carried over to various other social media profiles and from there, it’s never really stopped. Therefore, I thought, with the start at a new university, with a new course – why not a new blog? And here it is! A blog to document my journey through university whilst studying my Masters!

For those of you questioning, there will be the odd content continuing on ‘JustGeorgeJ’ however, what that content will be and how often is to be decided but I will keep you up to date. New content will start to appear on here soon as the countdown to my Masters begins and I share my worries, thoughts and concerns and excitement of a new course!

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